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White List (by sender)

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Messages sent from these addresses receive a beneficial score

Including an address on this white list does not automatically guarantee that a message from that address will not be considered spam. Instead, messages from these white listed addresses will have the amount specified on the Spam Filter screen subtracted from their spam scores. For example, if you have the spam score threshold set to 5.0 and the white list value set to 50, and then a particularly excessive spam message arrives that gets a spam score of 55.0 or higher before the white list value is subtracted, then the final spam score of the message will be at least 5.0, thus denoting it as spam. This would rarely happen, however, because spam rarely has a value that high unless it contains some other exceptionally high-scoring element, such as a blacklisted address.

This screen is unavailable when you have configured MDaemon to use another server's MDaemon Spam Daemon (MDSpamD) for Spam Filter processing. This Spam Filter list will be maintained on the other server. See Spam Daemon for more information.