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This dialog controls various aspects of the ComAgent tray applet and instant messenger. You can set these options specifically for each domain.


Select domain

Use this drop-down list to choose the domain whose settings you wish to edit. Leave it set to Default if you wish to edit the default settings. The default settings will be used for all domains whose settings you haven't specifically changed. If you make changes to any of the settings and then select a different domain from the list, a box will appear asking you to choose whether or not you wish to save the changes before switching to the new domain. Click Yes to save the changes or No to discard them.

Enable ComAgent support

This option makes the ComAgent messaging utility available to the selected domain's users. They can download it from the Options » ComAgent page within WorldClient. The downloaded installation file will be automatically customized for each user's account to make installation and setup easier.

Enable Instant Messaging

Click this option if you want to activate ComAgent's instant messaging (IM) system for the selected domain's users. Clear the check box if you want the instant messaging controls to be unavailable.

Log all IM traffic at the server level

Click this check box if you want all of the selected domain's instant messaging traffic to be included in the InstantMessaging.log file (located in the MDaemon/LOGS/ folder).

IM buddy list includes members of other domains

Click this option if you want all of your MDaemon users (regardless of the domain) to be available for adding to the selected domain's buddy lists. Clear this checkbox if you want only users of the same domain to be available for adding to buddy lists. For example, if your MDaemon is hosting mail for and, then activating this control for your users will enable them to add buddies to their lists from both domains. Clearing it would mean that they could only add other users.

Reminders sent via IM system are sent 'From:' [ text ]

When an Appointment is scheduled on a user's WorldClient calendar, the event can be set to send a reminder to the user at a specified time. If the IM system is active for the user's domain then the reminder will be sent in an instant message if he or she is using ComAgent. Use this text box to specify the name that you wish the message to appear to be 'From:'.