The process of moving from Domino to the Microsoft Collaboration platform can be described in three phases:

Plan and Prepare is the period of time focusing on collecting information about the current environment; available integration, migration, and training tools; and target solutions and their capabilities. The future environment and the methodology and timeframes for the future phases are documented and prepared during the first phase.

Interoperate, the second phase, is the period when some users and mailboxes have been migrated to the Microsoft platform, while other users are still using Lotus Notes. These two platforms are able to route mail, synchronize directory information and perform free/busy lookups to allow users on both platforms to communicate and collaborate during this period.

The Migrate phase is when users, mail, and applications are moved from Domino to the Microsoft Collaboration platform. Typically, the interoperate phase runs parallel to this phase, as migration typically occurs in batches based on various business requirements.

Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino includes tools for integrating directory, e-mail, and calendar functionality between Lotus Domino servers and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Active Directory directory service. Transporter also includes tools for migrating user, mailbox, and application information from Domino to Active Directory, Exchange 2007, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server2007.