This topic explains how to configure Web services in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to support migrating large attachments.

Before You Begin

Microsoft Transporter implements Web services in Exchange 2007 to migrate users' mail. By default, Web services are configured to limit attachments that are larger than 4 MB. To allow larger attachments to migrate, you must configure Web services.

This process must be performed on every Client Access server in the organization.

To perform this procedure, the account you use must be delegated Exchange Impersonation rights.


To use Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to configure Web services

  1. On each Exchange 2007 Client Access server in the environment, open the folder containing the Exchange binary files and then navigate to the Client Access\exchweb\ews\ sub-folder.

    The default location is c:\program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client Access\exchweb\ews\.
  2. Locate the web.config file by using Notepad or any XML file editor.

  3. Navigate to the tag <system.web>, and then insert the following string to allow attachments up to 10 MB to be migrated:

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    <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”10240” />
    Increasing the maxRequestLength value affects performance, request timeout, and memory management.
  4. Save the web.config file.

  5. Click WindowsStart-Run, and then type iisreset.

For More Information

For more information about working with large files, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 295626, PRB: Cannot Upload Large Files When You Use the HtmlInputFile Server Control.

For more information about Exchange impersonation, see Exchange Impersonation.