To configure a Free/Busy Connector, enter or select the following information on the General tab:

Schedule   Select how often to query Active Directory directory service to locate users who should be added to the Free/Busy public folder.

Days of Free/Busy information   Identify how many days of information will be retrieved.

Maintain information in cache (seconds)   Select how often the user's Free/Busy information should be updated on the Exchange server. If a user's schedule is requested and this value is set to 900 seconds (15 minutes), any additional requests for that user's schedule within the next 15 minutes will be retrieved from the cache.

Timeout (seconds)   Identify how long the Exchange server should wait before timing out when trying to connect to the Lotus Domino Free/Busy server.

Domino server running the Excalcon.exe task   Type the hierarchical Lotus Domino server name (Example: Server01/Contoso) for the server running the Excalcon.exe task.

Notes Password   Type the Notes ID password for the local Lotus Notes client.

Confirm Password   Confirm the Lotus Notes ID password.

Click Apply to save these changes.