The Directory Connector tool synchronizes information between Active Directory directory service and the Lotus Domino Directory. Information may be migrated from multiple Lotus Domino Directories (rather than being limited to the default NAMES.NSF directory). This ensures that mail addressing works correctly during the interoperability phase, where Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 platforms are both being implemented in the environment.

When users are synchronized from the Domino Directory to Active Directory, new mail-enabled contacts are created for users who do not already have an Active Directory account of contact. Mail-enabled contacts are also created for Lotus Domino mail-in databases during synchronization.

When Active Directory mailbox-enabled accounts, contacts, or groups are synchronized to the Domino Directory, new Person documents are created in the directory.

Synchronizing contacts from Active Directory to the Domino Directory is optional as is synchronizing Domino groups to Active Directory.

Updates to the Domino Directory

A Person document is created in the Domino Directory for each Active Directory mailbox-enabled account and contact. Existing Person documents are not modified. By default, the fields that are populated are:

  • First, Middle, and Last name fields are populated with the associated information from the Active Directory account

  • User name and Internet e-mail address fields are populated with the Primary SMTP address listed in Active Directory.

  • The forwarding address field is populated with the Primary SMTP address listed in Active Directory plus the Domino domain name. For example:

  • A hierarchical name is listed as the first value in the User name field. This is displayed as the first value in the User name field and is referenced when addressing mail from a Lotus Notes client

  • Shortname field is set to the Exchange user's alias.

  • MailSystem field is set to Other Internet Mail.

  • Domain is set to the Lotus Domino domain.

  • The Calendar domain field in the Miscellaneous tab is populated with the Calendar domain configured for the Free/Busy Connector. This allows Lotus Notes clients to perform free/busy lookups against Exchange 2007 servers for Microsoft Office Outlook user's schedules.

A Person document is created in the Domino Directory for each Exchange mail routing group. The Person document is populated similarly to Exchange user Person documents. These documents do not contain a list of group members.

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