This topic provides a list of known issues as well as methods to troubleshoot problems with user migration.

Known Issues

  • If you receive an error that states "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: RequestUri", disable the Proxy for the local Internet Explorer client.

  • When user migration is stopped or cancelled, the current item finishes migrating. Items that have already been migrated are not affected.

  • To migrate users to multiple Active Directory directory service forests, run user migration separately in each forest.

  • When mailbox accounts are created in Active Directory, the accounts are created in the current forest.

  • When matching Lotus Domino users to Active Directory accounts, Users, Mail Users, Mailbox Users, and Contacts are considered for matches. New accounts are created as Mail Users or Mailbox Users.

  • A hard match is found when a Domino Directory user's SMTP address matches a proxy address in an Active Directory account. To override a hard match, remove the proxy addresses from the account in Active Directory.

  • When a contact is manually selected and no soft match is found, the following error occurs: "There was a problem encountered during the process of enabling the user." Manually remove the contact, and then populate the contact information to the target user.

  • If a Notes user has multiple Internet e-mail addresses, the addresses are migrated to Active Directory if the additional addresses are listed in the Domino Directory Person document's User Name (FullName) field.