This topic provides you with a list of known issues as well as methods to troubleshoot problems with application migration.

Known Issues

  • To migrate applications, the Notes User ID on the computer performing the migration must have at least Reader access control list (ACL) rights to the application on the Domino server. In Notes/Domino 6 or higher environments, the ID can be granted Full Access Administrator rights, which precludes modifying ACLs. In older versions of Notes/Domino, the ID must be explicitly listed in each database's ACL or it must be a member of a group listed in the ACL with Reader or higher access.

  • Attachment filenames cannot exceed 128 characters. If the filename contains more than 128 characters, the attachment will not migrate.

  • ACLs migrate from Domino applications to SharePoint Lists; however, form, document, and field level security settings do not migrate.

  • Users listed in Domino ACLs with Author or Editor access have Contribute rights in the SharePoint List. Users listed in Domino ACLs with Depositor access do not have access to the SharePoint List.

  • Some formatting such as special table formatting, embedded images, and URLs may be lost when migrating to SharePoint Lists.

  • When you reference application filenames or file paths that include special characters such as $, use a single quotation mark before the character. For example, if you are referencing an application with the filename 2006$Info.nsf, type 2006'$Info.nsf.

  • When you reference application filenames or file paths that include spaces, use quotation marks. For example, if you are referencing an application named HR Info.nsf, type "HR Info.nsf".

  • The Get-DominoApplicationData cmdlet returns information for applications that do not have an associated Design Template configured. These applications will be displayed as application.generic type.

  • Last-accessed information is disabled in Lotus Notes applications by default. If this value is not enabled, Transporter cannot accurately report this information. 

  • Transporter must run on the Windows SharePoint Services server.

  • Private documents do not migrate because access is limited to the document author. The document author can grant access to the Lotus Notes user ID that is used to migrate the application prior to the migration.

  • Doclinks are converted to http:// during migration. HTTP must be loaded on the hosting Lotus Domino server in order to display this information via links.

  • Security-enabled sections are not migrated. Data in standard sections migrates, but the section (collapsable) functionality does not migrate.

  • If you migrate an item that has two attachments of the same name, both file attachments will migrate. However, one of the attachments will be renamed. The workaround for this issue is to rename one of the attachments to a different name before you attempt the migration.