This topic explains how to create a new Directory Connector. The Directory Connector Service must be installed on the server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that will be performing the synchronization process. If the Transporter has already been installed on this server, it is not necessary to install the service because it was installed with the Transporter. After you create the Directory Connector, you must configure it before it will synchronize correctly.

Before You Begin

Create an import organizational unit (OU) container in Active Directory directory service for the Domino users that are added by the synchronization process.

Do not create multiple import containers because only a single import container is supported. Make sure that the import container is not in the export container search path and that it is not created under any of the export containers.

Create export OU container(s) in Active Directory for the items that will be added to the Domino Directory by the synchronization process. Multiple export containers are supported.

The account running the Directory Connector must have read rights to the Export container in order to replicate objects from Active Directory to the Domino Directory.

Install a Lotus Notes 6.x or 7.x client on the server that is running Exchange 2007 where the Directory Connector will be installed. The local Notes ID must have Editor or higher access, the right to delete documents, and the [UserCreator] and [UserModifier] roles in the Domino Directory's access control list (ACL) so that new documents can be created during the synchronization process.

Verify that the Lotus Notes client can access the Domino Directory (names.nsf) on the Lotus Domino server identified as the Domino Directory server.

To perform these procedures, the account you use must be delegated the following:

  • Exchange Server Administrator role and local Administrators group for the target server

  • Server account must have Account Operator role for the applicable Active Directory containers

  • Server account must have Full Control for any Active Directory OUs that you will be importing to


To install the Directory Connector Service on a server that is running Exchange Server 2007

  1. Launch the Transporter installation file (transporter.msi or transporter32.msi).

  2. Click Next at the introduction and accept the License Agreement. At Setup Location, click Microsoft Transporter Tools and then select Entire feature will be unavailable. Click Next, and then click Install.

    This procedure installs the Directory Connector without installing the rest of the Transporter package.

To use Transporter Management Console to create a Directory Connector

  1. Launch the Transporter Management Console.

  2. Click Create Directory Connector.

  3. No information is required to create a Directory Connector, so click Next and then click Create.

To use the Transporter Management Shell to create a Directory Connector

  • Run the following command:

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For detailed syntax and parameter information, see New-DominoDirectoryConnector.

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