The console screen is displayed when you launch Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino.

Console Tree

The console tree is located on the left side of the console and is organized by type of action. You can choose to Connect to configure the Directory and Free/Busy Connectors or Migrate to configure and perform Directory, mail, and application migrations.

Result Pane

The result pane is located in the center of the console. This pane displays objects based on the node that is selected in the console tree. On the start console, you can choose to manage Connectors or migrate users, mailboxes, or applications. Click the option to navigate to the associated console.

Action Pane

The action pane is located on the right side of the console. This pane lists the actions that are available based on the object that is selected in the console tree or result pane. The action pane is an extension of the shortcut menu, which is the menu that appears when you right-click an item. However, the shortcut menu is still available.

The following table lists the action pane options.

Action pane option Description


Click View in the action pane to modify which objects are displayed in the Transporter Management Console.


Click Help to read the context-sensitive Help for the node or object that is selected.