This topic provides a list of known issues as well as methods to troubleshoot problems with directory synchronization.

Known Issues

  • If Transporter returns the error "Could not retrieve E12 Web Services URL", use the -TargetClientAccessServer parameter in the Move-DominoMailbox cmdlet to identify the Client Access server that is running Web Services.

  • To migrate user's mail databases, the Notes User ID on the computer performing the migration must have at least Reader access control list (ACL) rights to the user's mail database. In Notes/Domino 6 or higher environments, the ID can be granted Full Access Administrator rights, which precludes modifying ACLs. In older versions of Notes/Domino, the ID must be explicitly listed in each database's ACL or it must be a member of a group listed in the ACL with Reader or higher access.

  • Migration of Notes Phone Messages is not supported.

  • Encrypted mail does not migrate because it requires the private key stored in the user's Notes ID file.

  • After a user is migrated to Exchange, the user's Domino Person document still displays Notes mail address information. The mail address must be manually updated to reflect the Exchange mail address.

  • Text effects are lost after mail is migrated to Exchange. The effects that are lost are highlighting, shadow text, emboss, and extrude.

  • The Get-DominoMailbox cmdlet freezes for about two minutes if an invalid Lotus Domino server name is entered.

  • When migrating mail databases, the Transporter Management Console option Add to existing mail is not implemented.

  • When mail migration is stopped or cancelled, the current item finishes migrating. Items that have already been migrated are not affected.

  • When mail migration is cancelled and then restarted, Transporter does not resume the migration from the cancellation point. However, Transporter does not write any duplicate information to target mailboxes.

  • Encrypted e-mail is not migrated to Exchange because the Lotus Notes user ID that is used to migrate the mail does not have the appropriate private key to decrypt the messages.

  • Personal Folder files (.pst) are not a supported target for migration.

  • Mail archives and Personal Address Book information are not supported for migration.

  • Transporter does not include tools to update the forwarding address in the Domino Directory. You must perform this update manually or via a Lotus Notes agent.

  • Transporter does not migrate messages that do not appear in a folder. Messages that don't appear in a folder are sometimes visible in All View. Messages that appear only in All View will not be migrated.

  • Private folders are not extracted by the Domino Extractor. To migrate private folder data, move the data to a folder that will migrate, such as a public folder.