Adding Lotus Notes groups to the Active Directory directory service ensures that the Lotus Notes groups' e-mail addresses are listed in the Exchange Global Address List (GAL). This simplifies e-mail addressing for the Microsoft Office Outlook users when they want to send mail to groups of people who are still on the Lotus Notes e-mail platform.

The groups membership migration process extracts information from the Domino Directory and migrates that information into existing or new Active Directory accounts. The Internet address and hierarchical name in the user's Domino Person document is used to match Domino groups to Active Directory accounts.

You can migrate groups either from the Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino Microsoft Management Console (MMC), or from the Transporter Command Shell prompt.

Existing Mail only groups, Multi-purpose groups, or Access Control List only groups can be migrated with little to no loss of functionality, but you should migrate Access Control List only groups’ member users first.

Matching Lotus Domino Groups to Active Directory Objects

Domino allows free-text in group membership, but Active Directory requires strict references to existing objects. Before migrating groups, ensure that users and groups have been synchronized from the Domino directory to Active Directory to enable strict references to groups and their user members.

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