Use the Import-TransporterBinary cmdlet to import a Transporter object from a file with the TBIN extension.

Import-TransporterBinary -SourceFileName <String> [-MaxThreadCount <UInt32>] [-Quiet <SwitchParameter>]


Parameter Required Type Description




The SourceFileName parameter specifies the path to a file with the TBIN extension which you previously created by executing the Export-TransporterBinary cmdlet.




The Quiet parameter suppresses feedback during task actions.

Detailed Description

The Import-TransporterBinary cmdlet imports Transporter object data from files with the TBIN extension.

To run the Import-TransporterBinary cmdlet, the Notes ID file on the local workstation must have Reader or higher access control list (ACL) access to the Domino Directory and the mail database(s). To perform Active Directory directory service user matching, this cmdlet requires Read access to Active Directory. You must have the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 administration classes installed on the workstation where you're running the cmdlet.

For related information, see Mail Migration Prerequisites.

Input Types

Return Types

Transporter Object


The following code example details the usage of the Import-TransporterBinary cmdlet to import data from the specified tbin file into the transporter object and pipes it to the MoveMailbox task that will migrate mail data into the specified target mailbox database.

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Import-TransporterBinary -SourceFileName D:\mailbox\MyMailbox.tbin | Move-DominoMailbox -TargetMailboxDatabase "mailbox database"