This topic discusses general issues that may occur due to configuration or known issues with the Microsoft Transporter for Lotus Domino.

General Issues

  • The Lotus Domino servers that are accessed for interoperability and/or migration must have DNS A records. If the Lotus Domino servername does not match the hostname name, create an alias in DNS to resolve the hostname. If this does not exist and the servername does not match the hostname, Transporter for Lotus Domino generates an error that it cannot locate the Domino server.

  • Verify that the Lotus Notes client can access the Domino Directory (names.nsf) on the Lotus Domino server identified as the Domino Directory server whenever there are any issues with accessing information on a Lotus Domino server. If the Lotus Notes client cannot access any Lotus Domino server, verify that the Location is set to Office. Look at the bottom right corner of the Lotus Notes client. If it doesn't indicate Office and instead indicates Home or Internet or any other setting, click the name and then select Office from the list.

  • When using the Transporter Management Console, the option to select Ctrl+C to copy the contents of the command line string does not work when pasted into the command line. To reuse the string from the GUI, add the string that is piped in to the command line in the -SourceIdentity parameter. The following example shows how to perform this task. The initial password must be a secure string:

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    move-dominouser -SourceIdentity 'CN=Test User0/O=microsoft' -Quiet -DominoDirectoryServer 'autodomino1611/microsoft' -DomainController '' -TargetOU 'CN=Users,DC=BRADTG-dom,DC=extest,DC=microsoft,DC=com' -InitialPassword 'Migration!1' -TargetMailboxDatabase 'Mailbox Database'
  • The registry information has changed from previous versions of Exchange Server 2003 Connector. The connector information is located in the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\ section. The ExchangeDominoConnector key contains the Directory Connector parameters and the MSExcxhangeCalcon key contains the Free/Busy Connector parameters.