This topic provides a list of known issues as well as methods to troubleshoot problems with Notes group migration.

Known Issues

  • Verify that all required prerequisites have been met, especially the permissions noted for both the NAMES.NSF and the organizational units (OUs) to contain the migrated groups.

  • Remember that free-text member entries in Domino groups may not be associated with a Domino user, and an object representing them may not exist in Active Directory. If warnings are displayed during group migration, you will have to manually create contacts to represent the free-text entries, and update the Active Directory groups accordingly.

  • If the Active Directory account performing migration of Domino groups does not have the necessary permissions on Exchange Server in the domain hosting the target organizational unit, the migration tool will display the following error message:
    Permission denied in Exchange Server 2007
    The Domino groups will be successfully migrated to Universal groups, but the new groups will not be mail-enabled.

    There are two ways to resolve this situation:

    • Find the groups that were just created, delete them, and run the migration again with the correct permissions.

    • Find the groups that were just created and manually mail enable them through the Exchange Admin Console using an account with the correct permissions.

  • You can work around some Active Directory–related connectivity problems by specifying a different Global Catalog using the -GlobalCatalog switch:
    Move-DominoGroupToAD –Identity 'Notes Canonical Name' ‑PrimaryDirectory 'mergemode' –TargetOU 'OU=orgunit,DC=domain,DC=com' –GlobalCatalog gcname