The following procedure shows how to install Office Communicator Mobile from a storage card on the mobile device.

This procedure assumes you are using a computer running Windows Vista and using Windows Mobile Device Center to communicate with the mobile device. In this example, you use Windows Mobile Device Center to copy the cabinet installation file to the storage card in the mobile device. There are other methods for getting the file to your storage card, including inserting the card in a storage slot on your computer and copying the file using File Explorer.

After the cabinet installation file is on the storage card and is inserted in the mobile device, the procedures for installation are very similar to the steps listed below.

To manually install Office Communicator Mobile from a storage card in the mobile device

  1. Connect your mobile device to the computer running Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) and verify that WMDC is showing a connection to the mobile device.

  2. From Windows Mobile Device Center, click File Management, and then click Browse the Contents of Your Device.

  3. Double click the Storage Cardfolder.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • For Windows Mobile Professional devices, copy Communicator.PPC.cabto the Storage Cardfolder.

    • For Windows Smartphones, copy Communicator.sp.cabfile to the Storage Cardfolder.

  5. After you have copied the file, you can disconnect the device from the computer and complete the remaining steps directly from the mobile device.

  6. From the Startmenu, open File Explorer.

  7. From the \My Documentspath, click the Upbutton, and then navigate to the Storage Cardfolder.

  8. Open the Storage Cardfolder, and then select either Communicator.SP.cabfor Windows Smartphones or Communicator.PPC.cabfor Windows Mobile Professional devices.

  9. Follow the instructions on the mobile device to complete Communicator Mobile for Windows Mobile installation.