Office Communications Server 2007 R2 maintains meeting state and presence data in separate databases. The database resides on a Standard Edition server or the Back-End Database Server for an Enterprise pool.

The conference database stores information about each meeting currently configured on a server. This information includes the conference ID, associated security keys, expiration time, and user roles and privileges. The conference database also includes information about each meeting that is running on a server, so that if a meeting fails, its state can be quickly restored and the meeting resumed without loss of content. The conference database is implemented as a separate table in the same database that contains information about user registration and presence.

Meeting content, unlike the meeting state, is not stored in the Back-End Database. Instead, meeting content is stored on a dedicated file share created by the administrator. In Standard Edition deployments, this file share is normally created on the Standard Edition server. In Enterprise Edition deployments, this file share is normally created on a computer that is separate from the Front End Servers.