To uninstall Group Chat, use Add or Remove Programs(on a computer that is running Windows XP) or Programs and Features(on a computer that is running Windows Vista) to uninstall Microsoft Communications Server 2007 R2 Group Chat.

After Group Chat is uninstalled, several files remain on the computer. By default, these files are in the Application Data folder. For example, if you use the default location on a computer that is running the Windows XP Professional operating system, the files are at the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\<NT username>\Application Data\ (where <NT username> is the user name used to sign into Group Chat).

The Application Data Folder and the folders that it contains could be hidden.

The following items in the Group Chat folder are not removed when Group Chat is uninstalled:

  • Accounts folder.Contains sign-in accounts and identifies the default account.

  • Logs folder.Contains Group Chat logs.

  • Preferences folder.Contains local copies of preferences.

  • Sounds folder.Contains sound files.

  • GroupChatConsoleLogger.xml file.Controls the logging level of the client.

The location of these files meets the standards as set forth in Designed for Windows XP Application Specification at . These are files that are meant to be retained in the original location when a user is deleted or moved.