In Office Communications Server 2007 R2, QoE components reside in two primary areas, the QoE Agent and the QoE service and database. The QoE Agent is automatically installed on Front End Servers and Standard Edition servers. The QoE service and database are part of Monitoring Server, which must be installed separately.

Before you begin developing your custom solution, ensure that you have deployed a Monitoring Server and that it is operational. For deployment details, see the Deploying Monitoring Serverdocumentation.

At the end of each call, the unified communications (UC) endpoints send an A/V (audio/video) metric report to the QoE Agent. If QoE is enabled on the pool and the QoE Agent is properly configured, it will, in turn, transmit the report to your custom solution (metric report consumer) by using HTTP POST. For each QoE Agent in your organization, you can configure only one metric report consumer. You need to do this QoE Agent configuration work on each Front End Server.

For more details about requirements, see these sections: