If you are running the Firefox 3.0 browser, each time you receive an instant message the Conversationwindow button in the Windows taskbar flashes. In addition, and by default, each new instant message is accompanied by the following security warning:

A script from “Microsoft Corporation” is requesting enhanced abilities that are UNSAFE and could be used to compromise your machine or data.

In fact, there is nothing unsafe about the instant message. Instead, this security warning is generated any time Firefox needs to use signed JavaScript code to elevate privileges. If a user receives this warning and clicks Deny, he or she can continue to use Communicator Web Access. However, the taskbar will not flash when a new instant message is received, and the security warning will reappear the next time they run Communicator Web Access. To permanently suppress the security warnings that accompany each new instant message, and to ensure that the task bar flashes each time a new message is received, instruct users to perform the following procedure.

To suppress IM security warning messages

  • In Firefox 3.0, in the Internet Securitydialog box, click Remember this decision, and then click Allow.

    This procedure only suppresses the security warning that accompanies each new instant message. Users will continue to receive all other security warnings.