To ensure that service can be restored successfully in the event of loss of service, you should test the procedures you have identified in your organization’s backup and restoration plan.

Testing Backed Up Data and Settings

The backup and restoration strategy and plan for your organization should specify the method and timing for verifying the availability of backed up data and settings, as well as verifying that service can be effectively restored using the backed up data and settings. This can include testing for individual databases and servers, as well as backup testing for an entire site.

Validating Site Recovery Capabilities by Simulating an Outage

To ensure that the secondary site can effectively be brought online in the event of an outage (if your site set up a secondary site), you should run at least one test to verify that everything works as it should. The backup strategy and plan for your organization should specify the requirements and criteria for the testing. To verify that the secondary site meets the recovery requirements of your organization, test the complete recovery process: Take the servers at the primary site offline, which you can do by shutting down all the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 servers at the primary site, and then bring the secondary site online. After you verify that the secondary site works as required, bring the primary site back online. For details about how to perform these procedures, see Restoring Sites.

As part of the validation process, determine how much time it takes to bring the secondary site and then the primary site back online. Incorporate this information into your backup and restoration plan.