Use Office Communications SDKs and APIs to develop applications that enable access to people and information anywhere, any time, on any device.

Office Communications applications can provide:

Following are overviews that indicate which SDKs and API sets are appropriate for the previously listed purposes. The links in these overviews point to developer documentation hosted at Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), where you can find more detailed information.

Contextual Collaboration

Integrate presence, IM, voice, video, and data collaboration into business productivity applications, so that the people in your enterprise can communicate with each other without having to leave the applications in which they normally work.

Business Process Communications

Develop presence-aware, multimodal, real-time communications applications to reduce the human latency between steps in workflow processing, thereby further optimizing the end-to-end processing time for a business workflow.

Anywhere Information Access

Extend the reach of business information and services to a variety of communications devices. Develop voice-based information portals and customizable automated self-service agents that enhance the productivity of your enterprise's mobile workforce.

Systems Interop and Communications Management

Bridge systems with communications applications that interoperate with your existing communications investments. Develop applications that manage daily communications.

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