The following steps describe how to install Application Sharing Server.

To install Application Sharing Server

  1. Install Application Sharing Server.

    appsharemcu.msi /qr

  2. Activate Application Sharing Server.

    LCSCmd.exe /MCU /Action:Activate /Role:ASMCU /PoolName:<pool name> /Password:<Account Password> [/RefDomain:<Domain FQDN>] [/PDCRequired[:{TRUE|FALSE}]] [/GlobalSettingsDC:<FQDN of a global settings domain controller>] [/DC:<domain controller FQDN>] [/GC:<Global Catalog FQDN>] [/Global:{Configuration | System}] [/User:<Account Name>] [/NoStart[:{TRUE|FALSE}]] [/Force[:{TRUE|FALSE}]] [/L:<log file path>] [/XML[:{TRUE|FALSE}]] [/?[:{TRUE|FALSE}]]

    Here is the same command with sample data.

    LCSCmd /MCU /Action:Activate /Role:ASMCU /Password:p@ssw0rd /PoolName:Pool01

  3. Assign a certificate to the server. For details, see Assigning Certificates (Command Line).

  4. Start the Application Sharing service.

    net start RTCASMCU