Use the worksheet provided in this appendix to record the information required to set up and maintain a secondary site containing standby servers. After you complete the worksheets, do the following:

Secondary Site Decisions

  1. Physical address and contact information for the secondary site: ________________________________________________

  2. Domain name for the secondary site: ___________________________________________

  3. Functionality to be available at the secondary site (circle Yes or No):

    • IM and presence (including group expansion): Yes or No

    • Web and A/V conferencing: Yes or No

    • VoIP: Yes or No

    • Archiving and compliance: Yes or No

    • Communicator Web Access: Yes or No

    • External access and federation: Yes or No

    • Others:

  4. Servers to be deployed at the secondary site:

    • Front End Server and back-end server (required for IM and presence for an Enterprise pool): Yes or No

    • Standard Edition server (required for core services of the Standard Edition environment) Yes or No

    • Mediation Server and Gateway (required for Enterprise Voice): Yes or No

    • Archiving Server (required for compliance): Yes or No

    • Others:

    • Edge Server (required in the perimeter network for external access, including federation, remote user access, and public IM connectivity): Yes or No

    • Reverse proxy server (required in the perimeter network for group expansion, address book file download, and access to meeting content, such as slides) for Web conferencing by external users Yes or No

    • Others:

  5. For each server to be deployed at the secondary site, specify the configuration information for that server:

    Table C-1. Configuration of Servers at Secondary Site

    Server role Server configuration (including FQDN, IP addresses, certificates, and other configuration)











  6. Validation testing for secondary site (bringing secondary site online to test functionality): Yes or No

    If Yes, date of validation and location of more information for the validation testing (such as a validation plan):


  7. Maintenance requirements for secondary site (or location of the maintenance plan for the secondary site): _________________________________________________________________________

  8. Copy backups to secondary site: Yes or No

    If Yes, location and access information for backups at secondary site or, if No, location, contact, and access information for backups at the other site: _________________________________________________________________________

  9. Special considerations when bringing the secondary site online:


  10. Special considerations when bringing the primary site back online: