It may be necessary to reinstall the Group Chat Server for various reasons, including updates to the software or a move to new hardware. The permissions and ownership of the new installation must be the same as the original installation. An easy way to ensure this is to perform the new installation using the same user and group as the initial installation. Otherwise, change the permissions and ownership of the copied directories on the new computer, so that they match the permissions and ownership of the original directory.

The following sections describe how to reinstall and restore a Group Chat Server.

Migrating the Server Data

Most Group Chat data, including user accounts, channel information, and chat history, is stored in the database. Contact your database administrator for information about moving the database.

Stop all servers and the Web service before making changes to the database. Do not reconfigure Group Chat Server during migration of data. Perform any reconfiguration only after the successful migration of data.

Reinstalling the Group Chat Server

To reinstall Group Chat, first uninstall all instances of the Group Chat Server and the Compliance service by using the procedures described in Uninstalling Group Chat Serverin the Deploying Group Chat Server documentation. Next, install the Group Chat Server and the Compliance service by using the procedures described in Installing Group Chat Serverand Installing the Compliance Servicein the Deploying Group Chat Server documentation.

Restoring the Files to the File Repository

After starting the server on the destination computer, use the following procedure to restore the files to the file repository.

To restore files to the repository
  1. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, stop the Web site.

  2. Go to the file repository. The default location is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\Group Chat Server\WebSvc\FileRepository\

    To locate the file repository, in the Group Chat Server Configuration tool, on the System Wideview, view the File Repositorytab.

  3. Extract the file transfer archive that was saved previously. Make sure that the newly copied files have the same permissions and ownership as the rest of the files.

  4. On the Group Chat Server, start the Web site that contains the Web service.

  5. To check for proper functionality, sign in with a Group Chat Console.

  6. Test the client and verify that file transfer is functioning correctly by attempting to download a file that was posted to a chat room prior to migration.