To assign the certificate to the Web Components Server by using IIS Manager

  1. Log on to the server running the Web Components Server as a member of the Administrators group.

  2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

  3. In the Connectionspane, expand the Web Components Server.

  4. Expand Sites, and then click Default Web Site.

  5. In the Default Web Site Homepane, under IISclick Authentication.

    If your internal Web farm FQDN is different from your pool FQDN, you must first request a certificate.
  6. In the Actionspane, click Bindings.

  7. In the Site Bindingsdialog box, click Add.

  8. In the Add Site Bindingsdialog box, in the Typedrop-down, click https.

  9. In the SSL certificatedrop-down, click the certificate that you want to use for the Web Components Server.

    Verify that IP addressis set to its default setting of All Unassigned. Verify that Portis set to its default setting of 443.
  10. Click OK.

  11. Click Close.

The Standard Edition server is now installed and configured with valid certificates. The next task is to start the various services.

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