Office Communications Server 2007 R2 moves roles and adds functionality for the collection and storage of messaging to the Archiving Server, while Quality of Experience (QoE) and Call Detail Records (CDRs) are moved to the Monitoring Server. Both roles use the Message Queuing (also known as MSMQ) service to collect and reliably move data messages from the collection point to the repository servers. A completely new database role is the Compliance role, which collects data in conjunction with the Group Chat Server.

In Office Communications Server, there is no internal protection for data on the wire. However, if there is a requirement to secure this traffic, the MSMQ service can provide encryption at a message level on the sending MSMQ. This is accomplished using Active Directory-managed certificates. For details, see Appendix D: Message Queuing and Internet Communication in Windows Server 2008 at or Encryption for Message Queuing at for Windows Server 2003.