Dr. Watson is a program error troubleshooting tool that traps program faults (that are running in ring three of the processor), and generates a snapshot of the operating system that you can use to diagnose the fault.

If the Log to the serverfield is checked in the Loggingsection of the RoundTable device configuration, the device automatically logs to the same server if there is a crash. The dump files are in kdmp format. IT Pros can submit these logs to Microsoft Customer Service and Support to file bug reports. The dump files can be read using Windows CE Dump Viewer. For more information, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=147114 .

The path of the Watson logs on the server is under the \RTLogs\DiagLogs\ directory. The Watson log files encode the device serial number, the date, and the software revision number in the following naming convention: < Device Serial Number>-YYYY-MM-DDHHMMSS-WATSON-1.0.< Device Software Revision Number>.0.kdmp. An example Watson log file is 78491-322-0002937-00652-2007-06-08151023-WATSON-1.0.3626.0.kdmp.