Uninstall any earlier versions of Microsoft RoundTable Management Tool.

Before you can configure the RoundTable device, you must install the RoundTable Management Tool, RoundTable.msi. You can obtain the RoundTable.msi from the Microsoft Download Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=147085 .

By default, RoundTable.msi installs the Microsoft Software License Terms to the %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft RoundTable\ directory, and creates two directories—Device Management and Drivers—under this directory. If you are running Windows Vista, only the Device Management directory will be created.

RoundTable.msi copies the following files to the Microsoft RoundTable\Device Management\ directory.

  • RTManage.exe—The RoundTable Device Configuration tool. The current version of this tool is in English only. Usage of this tool is described in this topic in Using RTManage.exe.

  • DeviceConfig.xsn—The Office InfoPath template for RoundTable configuration.

  • DefaultConfig.xml—An example XML file for configuring the device.

The RoundTable.msi copies the following files to the Microsoft RoundTable\Driver\ directory.

The driver files listed are used by Windows XP, 32-bit edition. These files are not required by Windows Vista.
  • Rtyuv.dll

  • RoundTable.inf

  • RoundTable.cat

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