If meeting compliance is enabled, compliance folders are created on the file server. The compliance folder stores the content that is shared between the Web Conferencing Server and meeting clients through the Web Components Server in a clear unencrypted format. The compliance folder structure is similar to the structure of subfolders in the metadata and content folders. The compliance folder contains the following:

  • A subfolder for each organizer. The folder name is a hash value computed using the organizer URI.

  • A subfolder for each conference under each organizer subfolder. The folder name is the conference ID.

The following figure shows the structure of the compliance folder.

Ensure that only authorized users have read or write permissions and that the Web Conferencing Server has write permissions to the compliance folder.

Compliance Folder

The compliance folder stores unencrypted metadata and content files. The following table lists the compliance subfolders and the types of files stored in those subfolders.

Subfolder Description


Stores the copies of metadata files.


Stores the copies of content files.


Stores the logs for Chat sessions.


Stores the logs with the votes for Poll slides.


Stores the logs for Question and Answer sessions.

Unlike the metadata and content folders, the compliance folder also stores all deleted slides. The metadata and content folders only store the most recent conference content.

The following figure shows the structure of compliance subfolders.