You can deploy a third-party Basic Media Gateway either before or after you deploy a Mediation Server, but whichever order you choose, these two components must be configured to function as a logical unit. For details about configuring a Mediation Server, see Configuring a Mediation Serverin the Deploying Enterprise Voice documentation.

The settings that you must configure on your Basic Media Gateway are specified in the following list, but for details about how to configure these settings on a given gateway, refer to the manufacturer's product documentation. For details about selecting gateways for Enterprise Voice, see Enterprise Voice Server-Side Componentsin the Planning and Architecture documentation.

Each gateway must be configured according to the vendor's documentation. Depending on the vendor, there are potentially many attributes that must be set, but the attributes specific to Enterprise Voice are as follows:

All three options for SRTP are supported by the Mediation Server. Gateways from various manufacturers may not support all of these options.

For a list of media gateway vendors, see Partners by Capability: Hardware at the Microsoft Web site: .

Next steps in installing a new Mediation Server