After you have installed and activated Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 release), you must create at least one Communicator Web Access virtual server. Users cannot use instant messaging, audio conferencing, or any other feature of Communicator Web Access unless they have a virtual server to log on to.

If you plan to handle requests from both internal users (that is, users behind the organizations firewall) and from external users (that is, users outside the organizations firewall) then you will need to create two virtual servers: one for internal users and one for external users. You can use the Deployment Wizard to create the first virtual server, and then use the Communicator Web Access snap-in to create the second virtual server.

For additional details about creating a virtual server, see Creating a Communicator Web Access Virtual Serverin the Deploying Communicator Web Access (2007 R2 Release) documentation.

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