The Communications Server 2007 R2 Enterprise pool, or a Standard Edition server functioning as a pool, must be configured with a location profile. The location profile translates dialed numbers into E.164 format for reverse number lookup and call routing. The location profile defines the default set of normalization rules that are applied to phone numbers dialed by users in the pool. The normalized phone numbers are used to perform reverse number lookup, which is the process of finding a recipient's SIP URI from his or her phone number. If this lookup fails, the call is routed according to the global routing rules.

In Office Communications Server 2007 R2, location profiles can also be assigned to individual users. If a location profile is assigned at both the user level and for the user’s homed server/pool, the per-user location profile takes precedence. For details about per-user location profiles, see Step 10. Configure Per-User Location Profilesin the Deploying Enterprise Voice documentation.

When you deploy Enterprise Voice, you specify one or more initial olocation profiles. You can change the default location profile for the pool. The location profile you select as the default should include all phone numbers to which calls can be routed for the pool. It can be any location profile that has been previously created at the global level for the forest. For details about creating a location profile, see Creating and Configuring Location Profiles.

In addition to specifying a default location profile for the pool, you can also change settings for Microsoft Office Communicator Phone Edition. The procedures in this section discuss these settings:

Use the following procedures to manage pool-level settings for Enterprise Voice:

For details about deploying Enterprise Voice, see Deploying Enterprise Voice.