Enabling Load Balancer Routing (Two-Armed only)

If you are using a one-armed load balancer, the load balancer does not need to be in place to install and test the Front End Servers. You can skip this phase and proceed to Walkthrough: Configuring New Front End Servers.

If you are using a Two-Armed load balancer topology, you will first need to enable routing between the public network and the private Front End network. To do so, connect the load balancer to both networks and configure the appropriate IP addresses. In our sample topology, the public network IP address is set to, and the private Front End network IP address is set to Enable routing between these two networks, but do not configure any virtual IP addresses (VIPs) at this stage.

From each Front End Server, verify that you can telnet to the IP address of the Active Directory server on port 135. If this test is successful, you can install and test each Front End Server.