To back up your Office Communications Server 2007 R2 data and settings, you must first set up the hardware and software to be used to store and maintain the backed up data and settings. The media and location you use should have been defined in your backup and restoration strategy. At a minimum, you will need to set up the secure location required for regular backups. This backup location can be local or remote, but it must be accessible for both backup and restoration. Use of a remote location is recommended, in case of a catastrophic event at the primary site that results in the unavailability of service and data at that site.

Before backing up data and settings, you must provide the hardware and software that is required to maintain and store backups of the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 data and settings. This includes securing access to the media and content, as appropriate, as well as providing network connectivity between each server to be backed up and the backup media. The backup location can be a local site or an external site, but it must be accessible for backup and restoration.

If your organization is implementing standby servers at the local site, while you complete all of the backup procedures in this guide, ensure that the backup location is available to the standby servers. To facilitate faster restoration of service in the event of a failure, copy all backups to the standby servers at the time they are done, including the following:

After you set up and test the individual components, verify accessibility to the backups from each server, including each standby server, if you deploy standby servers.

If your backup and restoration strategy calls for deployment of a separate, secondary site with standby servers, you must also set up that site and ensure that the backup location is accessible from servers at that site. For details about setting up such a site, see Setting Up a Secondary Site.