Size restrictions are enforced by the Web Conferencing Server for certain documents uploaded to the Web Conferencing Server, such as PowerPoint documents, Word documents, multimedia, snapshot slides, and handout slides. The following table describes the values that the Web Conferencing Server enforces.

Value Description PowerPoint Documents, Word Documents, Multimedia, or Snapshot Slides Handout Slides

File size

The size of a file must not exceed this value.

50 MB

25 MB

Total size

The total size of all files in a conference must not exceed this value.

100 MB

100 MB

Number of files

The total number of files in a conference must not exceed this value.



The values for the total size and number of files refer to the files in a conference. It is recommended that you reserve 100 MB for each conference created on the Web Conferencing Server. The file restriction values can be configured using the WMI MSFT_SIPDataMCUCapabilitySettingclass.

File size policies are enforced each time a new slide or file is added to a conference or an existing slide or file is removed. If the presenter is trying to upload or transfer a new file that results in a violation of file size restrictions, the operation fails. The Web Conferencing Server also provides performance counters that indicate each time an upload or transfer exceeds one of these limits.