Group Chat servers produce troubleshooting log files that report important information that may be helpful in diagnosing problems with your Group Chat deployment. Log files are located in the installation directory, under Logs. If default values are accepted during server installation, the path to these log files is: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2\Group Chat Server\Logs.

Log levels are set in the Group Chat Server Configuration Tool. Logging is configured separately for each service:

The following log levels are available:

All events generated at the log level selected are recorded in the log, along with all events generated at all levels above it, towards least verbose. For example, if the log level is set to Info, all events at the Info level, plus all the events at the Warn, Error, Critical, and Fatal levels, are recorded.

The more verbose the level, the more information recorded. For example, if the log level is set to Info, the log reaches capacity faster than if the log level is set to Warn. A level of Debug or Trace can fill the log file to capacity in a very short amount of time.

A new log is created when the current log reaches a size of 50 MB. After a log reaches capacity, it is archived, with 10 logs kept in the archive at a time. When a new log is archived and there are already 10 archived logs, the oldest archived log is removed, so at any one time, no more than 10 logs are archived.

Log level changes made in the Group Chat Server Configuration Tool take effect immediately. The servers do not need to be restarted.