When a Web Conferencing Server needs to create a metadata folder for a conference, it extracts the organizer URI from the addConferenceXML. The URI is passed as input for a hash function. The result of this call is used to search through the subfolders of the metadata root folder to determine whether there is already an existing organizer subfolder. If no organizer subfolder exists, the Web Conferencing Server creates a new one.

Having a separate folder for each organizer allows the administrator to easily move the conferences owned by a particular user. The resource kit has a tool, DMHash.exe, which allows an administrator to input an URI and obtain the hash. For example, if you need to change the URI for a user and continue to have the content available, you need to:

  • Run DMHash.exe with the old URI and get the name for the organizer folder.

  • Run DMHash.exe with the new URI and get the name for the new organizer folder.

  • Rename the old folder using the new hash value.