To manually verify schema preparation and replication
  1. Log on to a member server as a member of the EnterpriseAdmins group.

  2. Open ADSI Edit by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, clicking Administrative Tools, and then clicking ADSI Edit.

  3. In the MMC console tree, click ADSI Edit(that is, if it is not already selected).

  4. On the Actionmenu, click Connect to.

  5. In the Connection Settingsdialog box under Select a well known Naming Context, select Schema, and then click OK.

  6. Under the schema container, search for CN=ms-RTC-SIP-SchemaVersion. If this object exists, and the value of the rangeUpperattribute is 1008, then the schema was successfully updated and replicated. If this object does not exist or the value of the rangeUpperattribute is not equal to 1008, then the schema was not modified or has not replicated.

If Active Directory replication of the schema preparation changes has not completed, an error occurs. Wait for replication to complete or force replication before running the Prep Forest wizard.

The Prep Forest wizard requires that you specify that the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) domain be used for default routing. The default SIP domain is used to construct the server SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), which in the simplest form is <ServerFQDN>@ <DefaultSIPDomainFQDN>. The wizard identifies a default SIP domain as follows:

  • In new deployments, the root domain is always proposed as the default SIP domain.

  • For existing deployments, if no default SIP domain exists, all existing SIP domains appear as possible options, and the wizard selects one domain randomly as the default routing domain.

  • If a default SIP domain already exists, the wizard populates the list with all existing SIP domains and selects the default SIP domain.

You must be a member of the EnterpriseAdmins group for the forest root domain to perform this procedure. For this walkthrough, the SIP domain is

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