After a client joins the conference and the conference is created, the client must establish a media session with a conferencing server responsible for that media type. For each conferencing server that is involved in a conference, the Focus assigns a virtual SIP URI that is routable to the Focus itself. The initial notification from the Focus to the client contains the URIs for all conferencing servers in the conference.

A client can join itself to the conference in one of the following two ways:

A presenter client will typically invite another participant into a conference by first sending an appINVITEdirectly to the other participant. (An appINVITEis an INVITE between client endpoints in which the body of the request contains the Focus URI for the conference.)

If that participant client supports C3P, it will join itself to the conference using one of the preceding methods.

If the participant is a client with aversion of Office Communications Server prior to 2007, the presenter client will receive a 415 error that will cause the presenters client to issue an addUserC3P dial-out command to the conferencing server URI, to have the conferencing server directly connect to the legacy client.

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