Mediation Servers communicate with internal pool servers and the media gateway. You can use two IP addresses on one network interface, but it is not recommended. In general, you want to use one address in the internal network IP subnet for the Mediation Server and an IP address from the subnet that hosts the media gateway. In addition, you need to know the addresses of the Mediation Server-facing network card in the media gateway device.

For example, if your internal network (that is, the network with the pool) is 192.0.2.x, and the telephony subnet is 172.16.1.x, you should get two addresses for the Mediation Server: and You use the address to face the pool, and the address to face the media gateway. As part of the Mediation Server configuration, you also need to know the IP address of the media gateway.

Office Communications Server 2007 R2 uses IPv4 only.

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