Setting up the Communicator Mobile for Java download site requires configuring redirection to the external Communicator Mobile for Java download site from an enterprise download site. This section describes how to configure redirection on Microsoft ISA Server for the enterprise download URL (such as to the external Communicator Mobile for Java download site URL (such as

To configure redirection to the Communicator Mobile for Java download site

  1. Create a new WebSite Publishing rule named "CommunicatorMobile_Java_Download".

  2. Select Denyfor the redirection rule.

  3. Select an appropriate name for publishing type (for example, Publish a single website or load balancer).

  4. Select an appropriate option for Server Connection Security(for example, Use SSL to connect to published Web server or server farm).

  5. Configure the internal site name as the Communicator Web Access server’s internal URL.

  6. Skip the step to configure Internal Publishing Details.

  7. Configure the Public Namewith the name of your enterprise URL, such as im., and in Path, enter mobileto complete the URL, as in “https://im.contoso”.

  8. For the Web Listener, select the same Web Listener as configured for the Communicator Web Access URL.

  9. Complete the remaining configuration.

  10. Apply the rule and make sure the rule "CommunicatorMobile_Java_Download" has a higher order than the rule for Communicator Web Access.

  11. Right-click the new rule CommunicatorMobile_Java_Download, and then click Properties.

  12. On the Actiontab, click Deny, select the Redirect HTTP requests to this Web pagecheck box, and then type the external URL users will use to download Communicator Mobile for Java (for example,

  13. On a browser, type the enterprise URL (, and then verify that it redirects to the external site (