An important part of an Enterprise Voice deployment is integrating Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 Unified Messaging (UM). Integrating these systems makes it possible for a user’s voice mail to be stored as e-mail and accessed by using the Microsoft Office Outlook messaging and collaboration client. Additionally, IM conversations can be stored in Outlook, and users can be notified by e-mail of missed phone calls and IM conversations. This walkthrough describes integration tasks required to make Office Communications Server work well with Exchange UM.

Deploying both Office Communications Server and Exchange UM is beyond the scope of the document. We assume that you, like Litware, have deployed and tested both systems as described in the Office Communications Server and Exchange Server documentation and that you have deployed Enterprise Voice as described earlier in this walkthrough. If your Unified Messaging server conforms to the reference architecture that is specified in the Exchange 2007 documentation, a single server should be able to handle concurrently 100 fax calls and 100 voice calls. If you are not using fax services, the server should be able to handle 200 concurrent voice calls.