The URL Filtertab controls the way in which hyperlinks are handled during an instant messaging (IM) conversation. Use the following information and the procedures in this section to configure URL filtering.

The Intelligent IM Filter increases the amount of CPU resources required to process URLs in a message. This increase in CPU demand also affects the performance of Office Communications Server 2007 R2 itself.
Filtering of file extensions is limited to standard file names. Filtering may not work with file extensions embedded in other names.

The following examples are valid entries:

To configure URL filtering

  1. Open Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

  2. In the console tree, do one of the following:

    • To configure URL filtering for an Enterprise pool, expand Enterprise pools, right-click the pool name, point to Filtering Tools, and then click Intelligent Instant Message Filter.

    • To configure URL filtering for a Standard Edition server, expand Standard Edition servers, right-click the name of the pool, point to Filtering Tools, and then click Intelligent Instant Message Filter.

  3. On the URL Filtertab, configure the appropriate settings.

To configure your intranet settings in Internet Explorer

If you are using the Windows Internet Explorer browser, use the following procedure to configure your intranet settings.

  1. Use the run asoption and log on with the RTCService account.

    You must use the RTCService account because the Intelligent IM Filter runs under this account.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.

  3. On the Toolsmenu, click Internet Options.

  4. On the Securitytab, click Local intranet, and then click Sites.

  5. In the Local intranetdialog box, select or clear the check boxes, as appropriate.

  6. Click OK, and then click OKagain.