Desktop sharing enables users to transmit a view of their desktop to others. Office Communications Server 2007 R2 introduces desktop sharing in both Office Communicator 2007 R2 and the Office Communicator Web Access client. Users can initiate desktop sharing when it is enabled for any conference hosted by the server.

Desktop Sharing Requirements

The new desktop sharing feature can be initiated by using the 2007 R2 version of the Communicator Web Access client and Office Communicator 2007 R2. Desktop sharing requires installation of the Microsoft Office Communicator Web Access Plug-in.

Both Office Communicator users and Communicator Web Access users running a supported client on a computer running the Windows operating system can initiate sharing, view, or take control of programs during a desktop sharing session. Communicator Web Access users participating in a desktop sharing session by using an Apple Macintosh or a computer running the Linux operating system can view or take control of a program, but they cannot initiate sharing.

Desktop Sharing Features

By using a supported client, users can initiate a desktop sharing session and invite other users, including users who are not enabled for unified communications. Communicator Web Access and Office Communicator users can start desktop sharing during an existing IM conversation or an audio/video conference. A meeting URL can be used to invite others to the meeting using Communicator Web Access. Users outside the organization’s network can also join a desktop sharing session if Communicator Web Access is configured for external access.

At any time, the user currently hosting a session can give control to other participants (depending on the Office Communications Server meeting policy), revoke control, retake control, or stop the session.

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