If your Office Communications Server 2007 deployment includes Enterprise Voice, you will need to upgrade all existing Mediation Servers. Given the number and distribution of Mediation Servers that are possible in a large global deployment, you may want to stage migration over time, perhaps focusing on one location at a time. The following combinations of Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2 pools and Mediation Servers are supported:

Care must be taken in deactivating a Mediation Server. If you remove it from service without first taking precautionary steps, you may drop calls. For instructions on how to properly deactivate a Mediation Server, see Deactivating a Mediation Serverin the Administering Office Communications Serve 2007 R2 documentation.

For larger implementations, a period of coexistence is expected with R2 Mediation Servers fully supporting users in legacy pools.

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