For Office Communications Server Edge Server deployments, a Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server or other reverse proxy in the perimeter network is required for the following features:

  • To enable external users to download meeting content.

  • To enable external users to expand distribution groups.

  • To enable remote users to download files from the Address Book Service.

  • To enable external devices to connect to the Device Update Service and obtain updates.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will detail the steps to configure ISA Server 2006 as a reverse proxy. If you are using a different reverse proxy, consult the documentation for that product.

Configuring ISA Server 2006 as a reverse proxy server requires completing the following procedures that are described below:

  • Configure the network adapter cards.

  • Request and configure a digital certificate for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

  • Create a Web server publishing rule.

  • Create an external Domain Name System (DNS) entry.

  • Verify Web site access

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