To change the service account for any Office Communications Server 2007 R2 server role, use the following procedure.

To change the name of a service account

  1. Deactivate the server role as described in Starting and Stopping Services and Deactivating Server Roles. On a server with multiple server roles, deactivate all server roles on the server.

  2. Activate the server role and, during activation, specify the name and password of the new service account. For details about activating server roles, see the following documentation:

    • Servers in an Enterprise pool deployment: Add Servers to the Pool

    • Server roles in a Standard Edition server deployment: Install Standard Edition Server

    • Edge Servers: Activate Edge Servers

    • Communicator Web Access: Installing Communicator Web Access Using the Deployment Wizard

    • Enterprise Voice server roles: Installing and Activating Mediation Server

    • Monitoring Server: Activate Monitoring Server

    • Archiving Server: Activate Archiving Server