A Communications Server pool hosting Enterprise Voice users requires a default location profile in order to route outbound calls. Different pools at various locations require different location profiles.

To assign a location profile to a Communications Server pool

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Office Communications Server 2007.

  2. Expand the Forestnode as follows:

    • If you are configuring a Standard Edition server, expand Standard Edition Servers, right-click the Standard Edition pool that you want to configure (that is, not the server itself but the pool-level node for that server), point to Properties, and then click Front End Properties.

    • If you are configuring an Enterprise Edition Pool, expand Enterprise Pools, right-click the pool that you want to configure, click Properties, and then click Front End Properties.

  3. On the Voicetab, in the Location Profilebox, select the default location profile for the pool.

    To view the location profile, click View.