Application management tasks for Response Group Service are available in the Response Group Service snap-in, which is accessible from the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 snap-in from the Applicationoption of Propertiesfor a pool. Table 1 shows the tasks and wizards that are available for managing Response Group Service.

Table 1. Tasks Available for Managing Servers

Task Used to manage Management actions

New Workflow


Create a workflow based on a specific template to define the caller’s experience from the time the Response Group Service answers the call to the time that an agent responds.

New Queue


Create a queue to hold callers until an agent answers the call.

New Group


Create and configure an agent group to which you can assign agents, and specify the type of agents for the group (formal agents, who can sign in to and out of the group; informal agents, who are automatically signed in to the group; or inactive agents, who cannot have calls routed to the agents).

New Agent


Create and configure individual agents, which are users who handle incoming calls that are routed to them.